Heavy Gauge Cable Bracelets with CZ-Encrusted Clasp

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Designers at Landau believe that “jewelry is an accessory, not an investment.” That’s why the brand creates striking costume jewelry rather than real pieces weighted with gemstones and metals that must be locked away in vaults or hoarded by seven dwarves. Whether replicating a timeless style or a trendy design, craftsmen carefully fashion each piece. The resulting high-end look has earned Landau’s baubles a wide following, and the brand has boutiques on London’s Bond Street, Madison Avenue, and in Trump Tower.

Landau Heavy Gauge Cable Bracelets with CZ-Encrusted Clasp
Metal bracelet twisted to mimic a cable or rope
2.5” wide with a large hook clasp to fit around wrists
Wear as a single bangle or or mix and match colors
Pave-set cubic zirconia stones on clasp
Number of stones:
Round clasps: 24